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How to Optimize Your Website

How to Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website is the best way to drive targeted visitors to your site from search engines. In order to drive organic traffic to your site, search engines rely on an automated program called webcrawlers or bots to scan, evaluate and index all information found on your website. There are other things on the web page like tags, which helps webcrawler to rank your site. But, beyond this, there are various ways to optimize your website and position it to increase your SEO. In this piece, we are going to discuss these various ways – technical and social media channels.
Keyword is what tells search engines what your site is all about and it is part of what helps search engine to rank your site. When building a website, use keyword that people search often. Include it in your domain name. That way, when the keyword is searched for, your site will come up. In addition, any content on your site should have the keyword. However, your website should not be stuffed with lot of keywords as search engines could flag your site as spam.


Article marketing remains the best way to optimize your website. Content is king at all times and you should take advantage of this to optimize your website. Websites with many good, informative, and unique articles are usually ranked high on search engines. Webmasters are daily seeking contents and the reason is because webcrawlers are programmed to look for relevant text on various websites that match a particular keyword being searched. Moreover, it is imperative to include keywords in the articles that are to be posted to your site. Those keywords must be positioned properly and should not exceed more than 3-4% of the entire content.

Image alt tags

Alternate Tags (alt tags) were originally meant to enable text to appear on web pages instead of images if a user’s computer could not display images. However, right now, thing has changed and nearly all computer monitors now have the capability to display images. Perhaps, for this reason, some website owners have decided to forget about adding Alt Tags to their images. This is big mistake that should be avoided. As you put Alt Tags on images, you will be helped to get your keywords near the top of your pages, while avoid reducing your website readability. You should not put same phrase on multiple images so that there will not be negative impact on your web page.

Meta tags

Meta tags are very important for website optimization. They are special HTML tags that do not alter the look of your webpage, but help the search engines with information about your webpage. What makes Meta tags important is that when you include Meta tags on each and every page of your website, they help the search engines to easily index those pages. In the absent of Meta tags, it will be difficult for your web page to be indexed and this may affect your webpage ranking. It is true that Google does not require you to Meta tag your webpage, but other search engines require that.Citations like Hotfrog,Lacartes ,Biz Exposed are important this is why it is important to have Meta tags if you want traffic from all search engines.

Title tags

The title of your website is obviously one of the most important elements of your site. Title tags have a lot of relevancy. In fact, all the search engines give title tags a lot of weight in deciding relevancy and ranking of pages. The title tag is just as important as the content on your site and inbound links.

Social media channels

All the above are technical aspect of optimizing your website. In addition to these, you should also consider utilizing your website through social medial channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn,You Tube and e-mail. All these social channels are frequented by millions of people daily and it will be a mistake not to take advantage of traffic these social channels can bring. When you tweet, for example, the same tweet could reach millions of people if you have many followers. Even if you have few followers, you could still reach a lot of people with your tweet, especially if they retweet your tweet that has your URL.

Facebook and Instagram  and Linkedln are also good avenues to drive real traffic to your site. As you include your website link in every post you make, you increase the SEO of your site. No doubt, you can use social media channels to optimize your website and increase your chance of financial success through website optimization.

Offline traffic

Radio, local listing, and TV are some offline methods that are good for website optimization. They provide opportunity for people who may not be online often to see what you are offering and visit your site.

As you implement all these optimization techniques, be assured that you can achieve appreciable success in good time.