How To Use Social Media Marketing To Boost Your SEO

How To Use Social Media Marketing To Boost Your SEO

If you are an online marketer, you definitely know that social media marketing and SEO are inseparable. Finding a way of perfectly blending the two can greatly increase the number of visitors that you get on your site thus increasing your earnings. The problem, however, is that many marketers do not know how to get the best out of these two techniques. Many of them keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again hoping that they somehow will get good results. There are specific things that you need to do so as to be successful. Here is how to use social media marketing to boost your SEO.
Start by increasing the number of your followers


SEO and social media marketing are all; about reaching out to a wider audience through Facebook, Twitter,Google PlusLinkedIn ,You Tube Channel and convincing them to purchase from you or join your service. Because of this, you need to start by getting more followers. Coincidentally, the number of followers that you have on your social media pages also influences your rankings in the search engines. There are many ways through which you can grow the number of followers. Regardless of the one that you choose, you should ensure that they are real followers who will add value to you site.

Make use of external inbound links


One of the best things about social media sites is that they encourage most external sites to link to the content that you post. To gain more authority on the popular search engines, you have to make sure that you have many diverse external links. The secret behind this is having high-quality authoritative content so that others will want to link to it. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that just by posting content that everyone wants to be associated with; the links come in plenty and your popularity spirals from there.
Optimize your posts for searches


Optimization of posts on social media is one of the techniques that many people ignore yet it has a lot of benefits. Your ability to optimize the posts also relies on already existing content although it leads to a secondary channel of search. If you look at the sites that rank in the top section of popular search engines, you will notice that most of them are those that have popular social media updates. You, therefore, should start using some Citations like Hotfrog, Yellowpages,123Real, keywords in your posts as well as links that will attract more comments and further discussions all over social media.


Influence others to share your posts


Just like the external linking technique, social media sharing also influences the authority of your brand online. It is an effective way of how to use social media marketing to boost your SEO because it is very easy for anyone to do. Most of these platforms have a share button besides every post and so, all that you need to do is to convince your followers to press that button. This can happen automatically if you come up with posts that everyone wants be associated with. The trick is simple; find content that they cannot resist and they will be sharing it with their friends all over the internet while at the same time making your brand more popular. You can also influence sharing by appealing to your followers directly or enticing them to do so.


Use locally optimized posts

It is quite easy to engage yourself in the local community when marketing on social media. This way, you send local-specific signals to the search engines and so, you will rank high in local searches. For instance, if you make updates whenever your company is involved in a local event or interact with other local establishments on social media, you will be more visible to local searches. There are social media sites that give you the opportunity to choose the location of people who can see your posts. If you choose a local audience in these settings, your rankings will improve.


Indeed, social media has a big impact on search engine optimization. You, however, need to know that when it comes to how to use social media marketing to boost your SEO, you have to use the right approach and understand your target audience especially what they usually search for.

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